Women and men celebrate Person’s Day

In Canada October 18 is “Persons Day” or the day we celebrate women being declared persons. Here is the blurb from the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Every October, Canada celebrates Women’s History Month, with the highlight being Persons Day on October 18. The month of October was selected because of the historical significance of the “Persons Case decision of 1929, which represents a landmark victory for Canadian women.

The “Persons Case” honours the five Alberta women whose determination led to a landmark victory in the struggle of Canadian women for equality. The Famous Five achieved not only the right for women to serve in the Senate, but they and their many contributions paved the way for women to participate in other aspects of public life.  Status of Women Canada is responsible for annually administering the Governor General’s Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case, in which five individuals and one youth are recognized for their contributions to the goal of equality for women. The ceremony is held in October on or around Persons Day (October 18).

Source: http://canadianwomen.org/node/1955

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