Women are prescribed useless drugs for their libido

This week at the University of British Columbia a panel spoke about the growing medicalization of women’s’ sexuality. The 2009 documentary “Orgasm Inc.” was shown. One panellist, Joy Johnson, Head of the Institute of Gender and Health said that women have been fed a cultural belief that there is something wrong with them if they can’t have an orgasm with vaginal penetration with a penis and that there is a drug that can solve the problem. And although no drug has been shown to be effective yet, women continue to take pills and apply creams. Meanwhile to pharmaceutical industry makes $5 billion a year on erectile dysfunction drugs. So the race is on for drug companies to find the magic pill for women problems. I think they might find the real answers to women’s so called “dysfunction” in our cultural expectations of women. Of course that solution it might not feed their bottom line. (Original news source: Vancouver Sun, 10 Feb 2012)

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