Women are taught to be less confident

 Women are taught to be less confident. They are not born this way.  Ann Daly, a career coach dedicated to the advancement of women recently noticed that we teach our girls very specific approaches to confidence. We tell them that for girls to reach the top of the class they must be perfect. Absolutely perfect. Girls are also taught not to boast so rarely take full credit for their accomplishments. Given this training it should come as no surprise when research shows that not only are men  more confident, they over estimate their abilities and often apply for positions even if they have only 60 percent of the requirements. But the biggest kicker is this “Men don’t worry about being obnoxious because they don’t face the penalty that women face if they put themselves out there in a way that is deemed “unfeminine.”  This echos much of what I am writing about in my book: Raising Strong Girls. (Original article and quotes by Leah Eichler,  Globe & Mail Feb 18, 2012)

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