Women in Media Lag Behind

Daphne Bramham (Vancouver Sun) writes today about the sorry state of women in the media.

She quotes Rosalind Gill,  a professor from Kings College, London and speaker at the conference: Sex/Money/Media here in Vancouver. Gill suggests that all of the progress made for women in the 1970′s and 1980′s are going to be lost. Research shows that women in media are still unable to break through the glass ceiling. Women comprise about 16% or all directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers and editors working in the 250 top grossing film in the United States. And, according to Gill the discrimination and sexism is ”both subtler and more pernicious.”

But according to the article, the worst of it is that because this new generation of women are ignorant about feminist political thinking and are oblivious to the systemic way that women are kept out of top level positions. Thus, they blame themselves when they don’t get a job or promotion. They actually think that women face no extra barriers and that the playing field is level. Which of course is wrong. And because feminists have been black-balled (excuse the sexist wording!) and are seen to be humourless-male-haters, no one is willing to push for equality and stop discrimination. Although it’s sad, I am pleased the conference and Daphne are raising this for discussion.

Source: www.vancouversun.com

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