Women Still Underrepresented in News

Tracy Sherlock (Vancouver Sun) reported this week that women are still significantly under-represented and misrepresented in news media coverage despite some recent improvements . The Global Media Monitoring Project discovered the following:

  • 76% of people reported in the news are men
  • women are mostly used as providers of personal accounts and rarely as knowledgeable experts
  • 32% of all stories deal with crime and violence
  • male journalists were twice as likely to report on the top stories
  • the women appering in the media tend to be actors (like Angelina Jolie)

What does this mean?

  1. News is not providing a mirror of the world
  2. News reflects gender stereotypes that discriminate against women
  3. Women are not seen as powerful (not reporting, not being experts and not being reported on)

And some people tell me that women have clearly “arrived.” I just don’t see it in the research.

Sounce: www.vancouversun.com

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