The Hillary Phenomenon: Lawyer uncovers research on why we don’t like Hillary

PRESS RELEASE: VANCOUVER, CANADA, October 6, 2016 – Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD, a gender diversity advisor and former lawyer shines a clear light on why so many people don’t like Hillary Clinton. It has nothing to do with her as a person or even her politics, but rather our entire culture that often sees women as second class citizens.

In just three small books, Fitzgerald describes the hundreds of barriers and biases that almost all women face – at work, at home and in society. Examples include burdening women with housework and childcare, pushing women off corporate ladders and sexualizing and demeaning even the most powerful women leaders.

Fueled by her fear that her own daughters might have to face the same misogyny and sexism in their lives Fitzgerald is on a mission to push the pace of women’s equality. As she says, “There is nothing wrong with women, but there is something very wrong with the way we treat them. Women don’t need to “lean in.” We all ─ both men and women ─ need to “lean out”` against the barriers and biases that hold women back.”

These three books synthesize the research of academics who know exactly why women are not advancing. Written in plain language, they provide easy-to read succinct summaries of the systemic barriers that hold women back and provide strategies to overcome them. Examples include:  acknowledge our thousand-year-old hierarchy; challenge male privilege and end stereotyping.

As she says, “If people really knew what was holding women back, they would stop wasting their time attacking Hillary and start dismantling the institutional barriers and biases that are the real culprit. It’s not rocket science. It’s just not accessible or something the media wants to talk about – until now.”

Written with wisdom and clarity, these books inspire action and are blueprints for change ─ not just for women, but for our organisations, our families and our whole society. These books are a quick study for those who truly want permanent equality for women.

Book titles:

Lean Out ─ How to Dismantle the Corporate Barriers that Hold Women Back”

Motherhood is Madness ─ How to Break the Chains that Prevent Mothers From Being Truly Happy”

Occupy Women ─ A Manifesto for Positive Change in a World Run by Men”

About the Author: Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD is a gender diversity advisor and author of 11 books. She practised labor and policy law for 20 years and taught at two universities. She has a business degree (BComm); a law degree (JD); a masters of law degree (LLM); and a doctorate degree (PhD). Contact: For a more information or an author interview please contact the author at:; 604-228-8900 or

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