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Lean Out – How to Dismantle the Corporate Barriers that Hold Women Back
Series: Women in the Lead, Book 1
Genre: Women
Tags: corporations, gender, gender bias, glass ceiling, lean in, sexism, women at work, women leaders
Publisher: CenterPoint Media
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 145 pages
ASIN: 0993984045
ISBN: 9780993984044

Shatter the Glass Ceiling once and for all! This book is for every woman who is tired of being told to Lean In and exhausted by working harder or smarter. This book turns our focus 360 degrees - from women as individuals to a whole corporate culture with practices and policies that hold women back. It is the first practical how-to book that not only describes the 20 biggest systemic barriers that women face (that is documented in research), but also introduces 20 easy ways to dismantle them. If you really want gender equity, read this book, share it with your daughters and stop blaming yourself for your slow progress!

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About the Book

How to get women up the corporate ladder

Despite all the talk of diversity and empowerment, women are still falling off corporate ladders like never before. Although women have been graduating in equal numbers to men for almost 40 years, they remain absent in the highest levels in public and private corporations. While individual women go about seeking work-life balance, board members and executives scratch their chins wondering why things are not changing for women.

The academics know exactly why women are failing 

Academics have been studying these issues for years and know exactly why women are not advancing and what’s really holding them back. They know that women face significant barriers and biases, they know that many expensive diversity reports are collecting dust on shelves and they can’t understand why their data remains hidden.

This book is a synthesis of this research, written in plain language. It not only describes the 20 main barriers that women face but also provides 20 specific strategies to be used by any organization wishing to advance women, including:

  • don’t fall for the pipeline theory
  • stop telling women to lean in
  • notice the absurd expectations we place on women
  • don’t expect women to be mini-men
  • reject outdated stereotypes

Unlike other books that urge women to work harder and smarter, this book focuses on the corporate playing field consisting of the corporate model, workplace cultures and out-dated mindsets. If we really want women to succeed we must stop asking women to change and instead start tackling the very real barriers that are holding women back.

What people are saying:

  • Brilliant. Beautifully researched. Sometimes terrifying. Always riveting. If you ever want to distill your life experience as a woman between two covers this is the book to read!” ─Tracy Theemes, MA, CFP, Financial Advisor, Sophia Financial Group, www.tracytheemes.com
  • “Like no one before, Fitzgerald challenges the idea that women should Lean In and urges both men and women to Lean Out – against all the corporate barriers and beliefs that invisibly hold women back. A Must Read!” ─Karin Mizgala, CEO and co-founder of Money Coaches Canada
  • “Everyone should read this book. It is a clear and powerful call to action to bring about workplace equality. The 20 strategies are perfect action plan for anyone wanting to finally address workplace barriers.” ─Sandra Herd, Lawyer and Executive Director of Awkward Stage Productions.


About the Author
Maureen F Fitzgerald, PhD

Maureen F. Fitzgerald, PhD, LLB, LLM, BComm is a recovering lawyer, author and change agent. She practiced law for over 20 years and is the founder of CenterPoint Media, a multimedia publisher of books that advance thinking.
In her former life, Maureen was a labor/policy lawyer and mediator. She was also a professor of law at two universities and has written many articles, both academic and practical.
She has a doctorate degree from University of British Columbia, a business degree from University of Alberta; a law degree from the University of Western Ontario; and a masters’ degree in law from the London School of Economics (with distinction). Maureen is author of the following books:
• Lean Out: How to dismantle the corporate barriers that hold women back. 20 Strategies for True Success!
• Motherhood is Madness: How to break the chains that prevent mothers from being truly happy. 15 Simple Solutions!
• Occupy Women: A manifesto for positive change in a world run by men. 20 Powerful Strategies!
• A Woman’s Circle - Create a peer mentoring group for advice, networking, support and connection.
• Invite the Bully to Tea - End harassment, bullying and dysfunction forever with a simple yet radical new approach.
• If not now, when? - Create a life and career of purpose with a powerful vision, a mission statement and measurable goals.
• Mindfulness Made Easy - 50 simple practices to reduce stress, create calm and live in the moment - at home, work and school.
• Hiring, Managing and Keeping the Best - The Complete Canadian Guide for Employers, with Monica Beauregard.
• So You Think You Need a Lawyer - How to Screen, Hire, Manage or Fire a Lawyer.
• Legal Problem Solving - Reasoning, Research and Writing (6thd). Lexis/Nexis
• Wake up Sleeping Beauty: Protect your daughter from sexism, stereotypes and sexualization [out in 2016]
• Mean Girls Aren’t Mean: Stand up to cliques, bullies, peer pressure and popularity and empower girls in a radical new way.[out in 2016]
• Gritty is the New Pretty- Raise confident, courageous and resilient girls in a man’s world. [out in 2016]
Always a leader of both people and ideas, she speaks on topics that promote equality, open-mindedness and justice.Her motto is: Sharing the right ideas at the right time can change the world. You can find her at www.MaureenFitzgerald.com.

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