Marriage is dead because it no longer makes sense

I just read another article on why marriage

is on the decline. The author (Mike McManus) suggests that we need to look at marriage more spirituality and shift our mindsets so we see raising a family as “one of life biggest joys.” I don’t agree.  Although the statistics say people are marrying less and less, I think it is simply because the traditional system/institution of marriage no longer makes sense to the average person. Neither women nor men see it as useful. It does not ensure commitment or companionship. It does not create financial stability (many women and children are left in poverty after divorce) and it reduces many women to non-paid slaves who give up power, status and a paid career at a very high risk. In my opinion the problem is not “marriage” itself but an out-dated contract that no longer works. In my next two blogs I will explain why smart women don’t marry and what could replace marriage.

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