What Do Women Want? Everything you wanted to tell him but were too afraid to ask

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“Every wife must buy this for her husband!”

This book is for men and women. It is for the millions of men who continually ask: “What on earth do women want? and for the millions of women who think that they have been answering this question for years. In other words, it is for the men who are confused about women and the women who are frustrated with men.

In this modern day of shifting roles and lines of responsibility bright and successful women expect the men in their lives to be equal partners at home and at work and are not willing to compromise. They want a life partner who will not just be a great lover but also a best friend and family man.

For over 25 years – since the publication of the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” – women have been told to compromise in relationships and accept their partner’s behavior and “settle.” But now with the #MeToo movement and the increasing number of financially secure women, more women are rejecting the old macho masculine model.   

Dr. Fitzgerald, a gender expert and former lawyer uses 40 easy questions to help women and men become true life partners. They learn how to question their childhood “blue and pink” socialization and identify their out-dated ideas about  masculine and feminine traits and sex-role stereotypes.  This book challenges the idea that “boys will be boys” and “girls will be girls” and paints a clear picture and describes a straight path towards healthy and equal relationships.

With reference to research and seminal texts, this is an essential guide that will be used by women, couples and marriage counselors for years to come.   It will (finally) replace Mars and Venus by showing that equality – not tolerance – is the secret ingredient to healthy relationships.

Whether dating, engaged or married, this book is guaranteed to provide a new look at relationships so you can create a truly loving partnership.

Price $19.95
Ebook Price $9.95
Publisher: CenterPoint Media
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Available Fall 2019
Length: 160 pages
ISBN: 9780993984065

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