Let’s Huddle-The Art of Modern Meetings – Never Hold a Meeting Again!

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This is a 150 page trade book that introduces a brand new way to hold meetings. For over 100 years – since the introduction of Roberts Rules – organisations have passively accepted a narrow and cumbersome way to hold meetings.  These rules, which were invented by the U.S. Army to control conversation, actually choke creativity, reduce synergies and suck the joy out of meetings

Dr. Fitzgerald, a seasoned policy lawyer introduces a new and effective model based on ancient council techniques and restorative practices. Instead of debates and division it encourages full contribution and consensus. By applying a “council” process it encourages the sharing of ideas and information for the benefit of the whole group. Most importantly it shifts accountability and responsibility from a leader at the front to all those attending and thus results in more engagement, enhanced relationships, increased effectiveness and more fun!

This books provides an easy step-by step process for setting up and facilitating a “huddle” and includes tips as well as a one-page “Huddle Cheat Sheet ” that can be easily shared.  In this modern age of collaboration, this book urges organisations to limit Roberts Rules for rare parliamentary-style meetings and use this huddle process for everything else!


Price $19.95
Ebook Price $9.95
Publisher: CenterPoint Media
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Available Fall 2021
Length: 130 pages
ISBN: 9781988072128

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