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A new tool to measure gender stereotypes in movies

I love ratings tools. They are not just for parents, but for everyone to notice how many sexist movies exist. Good for Common Sense Media! Here is an excerpt of an article from the New York Times. “Thirty-two years ago, the cartoonist Alison Bechdel proposed a test to determine whether a movie portrayed girls and women as …

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Hollywood gender bias is holding women back

Katherine Monk wrote a great article on “testosterone-filled” Hollywood  and the so called “Celluloid Ceiling” that keeps women out of the television and movie industries. She collected all the depressing statistics (thank you!) and what I found most interesting was the layers and layers of men and male-based organisations that held women back. This includes male directors, male movie-reviewers, male actors, …

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‘Ladydrawers’ Creates Big Picture of Cartoon Bias

A new collective is producing a steady stream of comic strips about their own findings of gender bias. Topics range from the male domination at Marvel to female creators using male-sounding names.By Sarah Seltzer, WeNews correspondent, Tuesday, August 7, 2012. http://womensenews.org/story/arts/120803/ladydrawers-creates-big-picture-cartoon-bias

Nora Ephron was an amazing screenwriter

Nora Ephron who died recently was famous for writing movies that showed the real essence of women. Movies such as “Sleepless in Seattle”; “When Harry Met Sally” and “You’ve got Mail” come to mind as movies that were not only funny but celebrated the differences between men and women – bringing us together, not apart. It’s another reminder why we need women …

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Go to Informed Opinions

Shari Graydon, media expert has done it again. She is now teaching women all across Canada how to write Op Eds! What a brilliant idea since so few women find themselves or their perspectives in newspapers. Her Vancouver offering is on June 15 at the YWCA. Well worth attending I suspect! www.informedopinions.org.  

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