Why women need to vote

Although its nearly impossible to wade through the election rehtoric, I know that our prime minister Stephen Harper has turned  back the clock on Women’s Rights. Because the strength of Canadian society depends on the full participation and equality of women, I feel they must vote to stop those policies that have steadily eroded gender equality in Canada. Here are a few facts:

– Stephen Harper drastically cut funding to Status of Women Canada, and even removed the word “equality” from the organization’s mission statement. Status of Women played a key role in gathering information on women’s issues and violence prevention. There is now no public national women’s equality organization in Canada.

– Stephen Harper has taken pay equity backwards, removing it as a right for all women in the public sector. Equal pay for equal work was one of the foundation parts of women’s pay equality.

– Stephen Harper has excluded a women’s right to choose from Canada’s commitment to G8 maternal health funding.  In a shocking discovery, it was revealed on April 21st that Harper’s Conservatives plan to completely defund Planned Parenthood.

When you vote, don’t vote for more prisons, more guns and less women in politics. Vote for gun control, early learning and child care spaces, education, health and home care, affordable housing and poverty reduction, pension security, the environment, equality.

See the Liberal platform for details.

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