I adore Rick Mercer

I love Rick Mercer. And I love his recent rant (video) which went viral.

When 15 year old Jamie Hubley died due to gay-bulling we each choose to do something. Sadly much of the media made it seem like an individual or isolated event. One Vancouver Sun editorial suggested that bullying of gays has existed forever, like murder. The author of the column (Randall Denley) felt that anti-bullying programs were a waste of time. I am fairly sure he does not know about powerful restorative programs or circles of healing that help so-called bullies learn about the impact of their actions- forever changing them and the bullied. Teens kill themselves when bullied, partly because of their own make-up but mostly because they are excluded and feel alone.  Bullying occurs because we allow children and adults to separate, rank and divide. We accept the myth that some people are more valuable than others and that putting down others is not just okay but a human condition.  To truly stop bullying we need to re-connect and create communities where children feel they are necessary and contributing, not invisible or trouble-makers. Like healthy families all children need to feel responsible and accountable to all. If we could do this, I do not think we would need anti bulling programs

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