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Lean Out – How to Dismantle the Corporate Barriers that Hold Women Back

Shatter the Glass Ceiling once and for all! This book is for every woman who is tired of being told to Lean In and exhausted by working harder or smarter. This book turns our focus 360 degrees – from women as individuals to a whole corporate culture with practices and policies that hold women back. It is the first practical how-to book that not only describes the 20 biggest systemic barriers that women face (that is documented in research), but also introduces 20 easy ways to dismantle them. If you really want gender equity, read this book, share it with your daughters and stop blaming yourself for your slow progress!

Occupy Women – A Manifesto for Positive Change in a World Run by Men

Crush the patriarchy! Armed with this book you don’t need to read 100 academic books to understand how our entire culture holds women back. Finally an easy to read how-to book that describes how our outdated beliefs, institutions and habits (as identified in extensive research) prevent women from fully participating in society and remaining second-class citizens. This book identifies the 21 biggest ways in which our whole society holds women (and girls) back and provides 21 ways to challenge them. Written by former lawyer and gender expert, it is for every mother, sister, aunt, garndmother and daughter who truly wants global gender equality – for all women!

Motherhood is Madness – How to Break the Chains That Prevent Mothers from being Truly Happy

All mothers must wake up! The reason why motherhood is so hard is NOT because you are not trying hard enough or buying the right baby products. It its because we as a SOCIETY hold mothers back. We undervalue their contribution, we pay them nothing and then we criticize them if they do not sacrifice everything for their children and the family. This situation has been researched by many academics and its is called “the institution of motherhood.” This is the FIRST how-to book that not only breaks this institution into 15 bite-sized chunks but also provides 15 easy solutions. If you want to be a SANE mother (and want your daughter to have a family AND reach her full potential) then you must read this book today!

Mindfulness Made Easy: 50 simple practices to reduce stress, create calm and live in the moment.

Be more calm! Reduce stress! Focus better! This book is a collection of 50 best (and easy) practices based on the work of experts such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pema Chodron, and Daniel Siegel. Join the millions of others benefiting from this scientifically proven method for calming your thoughts and emotions while living fully in the present moment. A great introduction to mindfulness, it includes easy practices for the classroom, at work and at home.

Invite the Bully to Tea – End Harassment, Bullying and Dysfunction Forever with a Simple Yet Radical New Approach

End bullying and harassment easily and permanently by getting to the root of the problem. This book describes why group conflict persists and provides a radical new way to resolve it – through a easy-to-use restorative process. Rather than penalizing individuals or forcing them to compromise, this method creates a safe place for all those impacted to share their unique perspective, repair hurt feelings and rebuild trust. In just a few hours individuals take responsibility for their part in the conflict and figure out how to work better together.

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty – Protect your daughter from sexism, stereotypes and sexualization

This is the only book you need if you want to save your daughter from media sexualization and teach her how to challenge our sexist culture – that is holding her back. Learn about the impact of stereotypes and out-dated parenting habits (like rescuing) as well as the subtle messaging and the pressure girls face to be sweet, nice and sexy. Learn how to critique our cultural beliefs that hold your daughter back at at the same time give her empowering skills that will last a lifetime.

Mean Girls Aren’t Mean – Stand up to cliques, bullies, peer pressure and popularity and empower girls


This is the only book you need to help your daughter will peer pressure and popularity contests. As early as age five, your daughter will be thrown into the world of peer pressure, popularity and bullying often at a time when she seems particularly naïve and vulnerable. She will make friends one day and lose them the next. She will be included today and rejected tomorrow. She will be happy one day and depressed the next, often as a result of her friendships and social activities.

Most parents think that all these ups and downs are due to mean girls, cliques and bullies.

Gritty is the New Pretty – Raise confident, courageous and resilient girls in a man’s world

This is the only books parents need on raising girls’ resilience and self-esteem. Unlike other books that see the problem of low self esteem as an individual matter, this book sees it as an natural consequence of living in a toxic society that pressures, sexualises and demeans girls. In such a culture, positive thinking is not enough.

Backed by the latest research, Dr. Fitzgerald a gender expert, former lawyer and mother of two girls explains how we raise girls to be a fraction of themselves. So rather than urge girls to shift their attitudes, this book defines the precise competencies that girls need to thrive, not just as girls but, as women in a world that rarely allows them to be their true selves.

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